"I thought this course was very helpful and eye opening.  It took concepts that I knew and organized them in a way that made sense as it applies to my job."
Your company’s long-term value depends on the employees who are making your products, providing your services, and talking to your customers. The attitudes of these people are clearly affected by the competency of their supervisors and the resources they have to do their jobs. 

Don’t set your staff up to fail. Give them the tools they need to do their jobs successfully. You and your company will benefit.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, bring in a subject matter expert. In as few as two hours, the Learning Link can provide laser-like focus on a single topic or can develop/facilitate a comprehensive, multi-day training program. Either way, our strategy is the same. We: 

  • Clarify the issues
  • Determine your goals and expectations
  • Lead participants in activities that improve their skills
We believe that learning theory has its place: inside the trainer’s head. And our strategy is to ensure that it doesn’t sneak into the classroom in the form of a boring lecture that leaves participants yawning and watching the clock. 

We follow two simple principles: 

  1. Adults learn by doing
  2. Practice makes perfect
Learning is not simply conveying information. Because the goal of all training is a transfer of knowledge, we emphasize “Reality Practice.” Rather than sit and discuss the effects of Maslow’s Hierarchy on employee self-realization, we actively re-create and work through real problems faced by supervisors and managers. Only through experience can employees gain the confidence and practical skills they need to do their jobs. We meet people where they are—at whatever level of formal education or training they have—and go from there.

Training sessions include:

  • Individual and small group activities
  • Assessments
  • Time for reflection
  • “Reality practice” in a safe environment
  • Immediate feedback
The interaction among peers is where ideas are discussed, reality is checked, and lessons are applied and adapted. Free to explore and experiment, learners learn from each other. “Aha! Moments” evolve and emerge within this exchange of information, ideas, and group dynamics.

The New Supervisor

A promotion is supposed to be a good thing. But when an excellent employee becomes responsible for the work of others without knowing what to do or how to act, the employees suffer and the new boss can quickly feel punished rather than rewarded. Even seasoned supervisors can benefit from refresher courses; they are reminded of what can be achieved when they use appropriate management techniques, and they can exchange ideas and strategies with their peers.

With a passion for helping supervisors succeed, the Learning Link covers all of the topics that ensure a smooth transition and continued professional growth:

  • Importance of supervision
  • Role of the supervisor
  • Leadership style
  • Personal qualities of a successful supervisor
  • Communication and supervision (listening, meetings, non-verbal)
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Training employees
  • Handling performance/behavior issues
  • Giving positive feedback
  • Coaching employees
  • Resolving conflict
  • Managing change
  • Team building/being a team player
  • Delegating
  • Managing time
Through lively discussions, one-on-one and group activities, and reality practice, participants gain valuable experience learning and doing the things that managers do. Practice really does make perfect. You promote from within for a reason. Give your new supervisors all of the tools they need to become a star!

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