"This course has helped me deal with every day problems and how to approach them in a more open minded perspective."
Emotional Intelligence—Emotional Intelligence clarifies why some people excel while others of similar intellectual capacity lag behind.  Emotional Intelligence shows which certain competencies are found repeatedly in high performers at all levels.  Become aware of the competencies and learn how to build them.

Critical Thinking—Participate in activities that will develop critical thinking skills designed to enhance thought processes that leave learners armed with sharpened critical thinking and analysis skills.

Internal Consulting—Today’s fast-moving, competitive environment requires staff members to assume a different role, that of an internal consultant who partners with clients to help them achieve organizational goals.  This session provides fundamental consulting skills to enable people to function effectively as internal consultants.

Personal Accountability—Look at challenges differently.  The information in this session will help you eliminate blame, complaining, and procrastination.  Use this information to help you practice personal accountability by asking different and better questions of yourself and others.

Typical Topics

Resolving Conflict—helps learners to shift to a collaborative resolving conflict style, creating a win-win outcome.

Recognizing Employees—Studies show that recognizing employees for their good work is one of the most effective ways to motivate them.  Learn why and how to recognize your employees and practice recognizing your employees in a safe environment.

Situational Leadership®—Gain insight into why some of your past leadership attempts have not been successful and how Situational Leadership can improve your performance.  Situational Leadership is a process for developing people by providing effective leadership, over time, so that they can reach their highest level of performance.  It is based upon a relationship between an individual’s development level on a specific task or goal and the leadership style that the leader provides.

Train the Trainer—Learners have opportunity to interact, practice delivery skills, try out new skills, build their confidence in a safe environment, and become effective trainers.

Communication—Communication is the foundation upon which our personal and professional lives are built.  Focus on the basic speaking and listening skills needed for successful face-to-face interactions.

Assertive Communication—Learn strategies that will allow you to become a better assertive communicator.

Supervision—Tailor sessions to your needs by selecting from the following skill areas:  setting clear expectations, handling performance and behavior issues (giving corrective feedback or performance improvement coaching), delegating, recognizing employees, conducting meetings, conducting performance evaluations, managing change, building a team.

Conducting the Performance Evaluation—Use the information from this session to be a coach during the performance evaluation and not a judge.  This information blends well with most performance evaluation processes and forms.

Team Building—Whether you are trying to build a team, create team players, or create team synergy—these sessions help learners fine-tune their efforts become more team oriented and effective.

Presentation Basics—Learn how to present like a pro, even if you are not.  Prepare and deliver a credible presentation and choose the right presentation tools.  Practice in a safe environment with immediate feedback.

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