"Lisa is very energetic and positive.  She is a great facilitator."
“Very informative class.”

“Instructor was very interesting.  Positive attitude always given by instructor.”

“Lisa’s energy after multiple sessions was great.”

“Lisa was very clear and forthright about what she was teaching.”

“Many of the topics were helpful with the everyday problems we run into on an almost daily basis.”

“You are a fantastic listener and instructor.  You demonstrate the importance of listening to your students (in this case, managers).”

“Instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

“Kept the class moving along, not allowing it to become boring.”

“Very relaxed atmosphere and very open to conversation and questions.”

“Lisa has an outstanding ability to keep the class motivated and active.”

“The reality practice was very helpful.”

“Lisa has a wealth of knowledge that she brings to all aspects of supervising in any employment facility.  She helped us to adapt her knowledge to different situations—encourages and shows how to process info to achieve our goals.”

“Loved the class.  Learned so much and was a great resource as I transitioned into a new job.”
“Lisa is a great instructor.  She is very engaging and open to each participant.  Her ability to relate the course material to each of us individually was great.”

“She transfers knowledge, facilitates the meeting, and controls the class.  Lisa is knowledgeable, prepared, pleasant, and thinks quick on her feet.”

“Lisa is an excellent teacher!!  She went way and beyond in the teaching of this class.”

"Extremely practical since many of the handouts outline the steps involved in the particular process under discussion.  Reality practice was great!!" 

"The course was extremely helpful, effective, and fun."

"I thought the course was extremely valuable--much was learned that I am able to use in my position."

"This course is packed with good, relevant information."

“The class was ‘put together’ very well.  Very informative.”

“I enjoyed the class and think that all employees would benefit from it, especially employees in leadership positions.”

“Enjoyed the review games the last class—games kept our attention and helped to reinforce concepts.”

“Lisa makes it fun to learn and gets everyone involved.”

“Review games helped with group participation and made learning fun and meaningful.”

“Excellent instructor—very enthusiastic and well prepared.”

“Learned a lot of useful techniques.”

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