“Lisa was beyond excellent and expectations! She clearly knows her stuff, is positive, clear, and informative. And I truly appreciate my time being respected and filled with valuable info. that I can actually apply.”
If you agree with the philosophy of the Learning Link but are not in a position to bring it into your organization, why not take the next step on your own? The same passion for learning that is brought to business training rooms can be found one-on-one via performance coaching with Lisa Horst. Take what you learn in your coaching sessions back to your workplace, and positive results are almost guaranteed.

Coaching is not therapy; it is an action-oriented approach that starts where you are now, identifies obstacles that are currently blocking your personal or professional growth, and diligently moves you toward a future that you have defined for yourself. 

The Learning Link provides individual and team coaching in the following areas:

  • Developing an Individual Performance and Development Plan
  • Setting Goals
  • Taking Action
  • Professional Growth
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Work/life Balance
Coaching provides:
  • A confidential sounding board
  • A resource to bounce ideas off of
  • A safe place to brainstorm
  • Objective feedback
Lisa’s positive, action-oriented approach keeps your one eye focused on today while the other is looking ahead. An attentive listener, she will encourage and challenge you to define and become your best possible self. Through practical activities that act as a catalyst to your dreams, she will help you to generate new ideas and provide objective feedback as you begin to discover and realize your full potential. When using probing questions to get to the core issues that are blocking your growth, she is patient and persuasive in her guidance. Holding herself and others accountable for their actions is the key to her coaching style.

"Lisa went out of her way to drop off a tape at my work to help me the next day on doing performance evals."

“Lisa was well informed and enthusiastic.  Keep up the good work!”

“I can use what I learned on a daily basis at work.”

“Lisa keeps things interesting.”

When you’re ready to accelerate successful people performance, 
contact the Learning Link at (717) 735-0748 or lisahorst@thelearninglink.biz.
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